Cancer. Who cares? Find out.
More than a million people in the UK are carers.
Kat: I didn’t see myself as a carer. A lot of the support I give is out of love.
Carers provide a range of support for people with cancer. Shopping, cleaning, cooking, taking someone to the hospital, being there to listen and more.
Kat: I can’t afford not to work, so juggling work and caring is a necessity. It’s stressful but having a normal routine helps me.
46 percent of people juggling work and caring responsibilities experience issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.
Kat: If I have to leave the office in an emergency, I can. I have flexi-time arrangements so I can adjust my hours to care for mum when she needs me.
Less than 20 percent of working carers know they have rights in the workplace. More about carers' rights
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